Lintel, Stringcourse & Plinth

Lintels (or surrounds)
Why not choose window head details that defines your window helping to create a stunning exterior to your home.

They add value to a house , look very comtemporary and are maintenance free.

They are available in Grey Granite, yellow granite, sandstone and Irish Limestone.

They come in various lengths up to 3000mm.

The sizes available in granite are as follows


Irish limestone – they are made to order.

Stringcourse and Plinth

Plinth can be used around the bottom of a building or at the base of an entrance wall or gate pier.

String course is a banding which can be used on its own or it can also tie in with our cills profile should it run in line with the windows (as image 2 below)
This is not a stock item, therefore we make them to you specific designs.

Material available Grey Granite, yellow granite , sandstone and irish limestone.